Iran Hiding a Laser Enrichment Facility Underground in Parchin Military Complex

March 24th, 2005

By: Alireza Jafarzadeh

Washington, DC

(1) The laser enrichment activity goes on at Parchin military complex, 30 km southeast of Tehran. The site belongs to the (MoD) Ministry of Defense centers.  In November 2004, the Iranian Resistance revealed nuclear activities at this site for the first time.

(2) There are 11 different projects at Parchin.

– Projects 1, 2, 3 and 6 concentrate on chemical weapons related work.

– Project 4 concentrates on the Cruise missile. Several research and development groups, including Martyr Moslemi, Martyr

Sinkhani, Martyr Fasihi, Martyr Rahimi, Martyr Elm ol-hoda, are based in this complex.

– Project 8 deals with chemical

weapons and is affiliated with the Cruise missile group.

– Project 7 deals with missile work.

– Project 5 deals with ammunitions.

(3) The center for laser enrichment is pursued in Parchin chemical project. Chemical industry is the biggest project in this complex, in which several military projects are worked on. In order to conceal the nuclear site, it has been placed in the chemical project.

(4) The person in charge of this center is Mohammad Amin Bassam, who is a MoD laser enrichment expert and works under Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Bassam is a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp. (IRGC).

(5) The equipment for this site is located in an underground and secret bunker in Project 1 in Parchin that belongs to the chemical section. In addition, several other tunnels have been built at Parchin for nuclear activities.

(6) In Parchin, several other nuclear tests are being carried out. Several buildings built in the ground are used for high power explosions.

(7) The Research section of the chemical project in Parchin together with Defense Research Centers in Tehran, Malek Ashtar and Imam Hossein universities are pursuing joint projects in Parchin.