About Us

Strategic Policy Consulting, Inc. (SPC) is an independent firm, founded to provide a wide range of consultancy on issues related to terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, Iranian internal and external affairs, as well as Iran’s role in Iraq.

Its services include:

  • consultancy to institutions, agencies, and the Congress;
  • offering speakers for hearings, briefings, seminars, conferences, and university lectures;
  • providing analysis and information to the media;
  • research on desired issues or projects.

Drawing on experience, knowledge, and first hand information, the SPC team members have proven most helpful in areas most crucial to global security, peace and human rights.

For nearly two decades, SPC members have  worked professionally with the US Congress, media, agencies, institutions and universities in order to provide reliable and realistic analysis, policy suggestions, and research on relevant issues. The SPC staff has effectively combined skill and knowledge with a deep understanding of global issues to meet the ever-changing international and regional challenges.