SPC has a proven track record 

Our specialists have provided invaluable consultation to relevant US agencies at all levels. We have helped to anticipate and disrupt international threats to world peace.

Various SPC staff members have spoken frequently at the US Congress, academic seminars, newsmaker programs and institutions, including the Council on Foreign Relations and Morning Newsmaker at the National Press Club. They have also lectured at universities and colleges including National War College, National Defense University, Georgetown University, and University of Michigan.

Team members have conducted congressional activities and met with membe rs of Congress and their staffs to discuss a number of issues concerning the Middle East, particularly Iran, human rights violations, terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, t he proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the establishment of peace in the region.SPC staff members have testified at a number of heari ngs and briefings in Congress as well as the United Nations.

SPC experts will give counsel on international policy matters, conflict resolution, and regional & international crisis management.Our consultants will provide comparative analyses of the various strategies proposed as solutions to the tough challenges of the Middle East, especially as they arise in Iran and Iraq.

SPC specialties include:
  • Advising Congress, various Executive Branch agencies, and non-governmental organizations;
  • Offering speakers for seminars, conferences, briefings, Congressional hearings, and university lectures;
  • Providing incisive commentary to the media;
  • Anticipating, assessing, and helping to disrupt threats to world peace;
  • Informing a wide range of clients from senior policymakers to all-source analysts about the strengths and weaknesses of policies addressing key issues;
  • Researching the evolution of sensitive topics of concern.

We have experience, knowledge, unmediated information and a proven record in areas crucial to global security, peace and human rights.

has effectively combined insight and knowledge of global issues to meet ever-changing international and regional challenges
For nearly two decades, SPC members have worked professionally with Congress, the Executive Branch, media, agencies, institutions and universities in order to provide reliable and unillusioned analysis, policy suggestions, and research on relevant issues.